If you want to play modern but don't wanna break the bank, or if you just want to incur the wrath of your friends, this is the deck for you.

Mono green infect is VERY cheap for its format (and in general), and alongside monored burn or green stompy, is one of the best starters out there for any aspiring Modern player.

Here's a quick rundown of this deck's aim:

Basically you want to play your tiny infect creatures on the first couple of turns then swing for 1 and right after your opponent declares no blockers, you pump the heck out of your creature and watch your opponent scoop up. Since infect deals damage in poison counters you only need 10 damage to win, which is more than easy to achieve with the plethora of pumps at your disposal. A turn 2 win is rare, but possible enough to be noteworthy!

With something like :

T1- Forest, Glistener ElfT2- Forest, Mutagenic Growth + 2 Groundswell Or Groundswell + Giant Growth

A majority of the time, you will have to wait until the third to fifth turns to do your work, or make a couple small bursts of damage rather than 1 big one.

It's also important to know the role of Apostle's Blessing and Wild Defiance as the closest thing this deck has to a lategame. Wild Defiance puts all your weenies out of the reach of burn, and allows you to have to expend no more than 2 instants to swing for game, which gives you options for when you haven't won by turn 4. Apostle's Blessing is super useful as an evasion, protection, or even removal if you use it to block, and you must learn when and how to play it in order to bring out its full potential.

Once you've played this deck to the point where all of your friends or people at your store come prepared to counter it, feel free to break the budget theme by getting your hands on some of the more expensive cards that could be perfect fits in this deck!My recommendations are:

-4 Forest+4 Inkmoth Nexus

(this one is REALLY expensive, but if you're looking to seriously play this deck at a tournament, aside from splashing other colors, this is probably one the best options for you)

-4 Necropede +4 Noble Hierarch

Thank you for checking this deck out and feel free to share it with someone who you think might be interested!

If you are interested in other cheap but effective decks to play in modern, i will provide links to a couple in the future!

PS. Keep in mind this isn't really meant for competitive play, and its budget-y nature gives it little to no answers to something with insane amounts of versatility like most tier-1 decks, but in my opinion it's one of the best budget decks out there and it's definitely capable of winning you a few FNMs. Plus there's tons of ways of tuning this up to make it tourney-viable(Spash blue and black for unblockability, disruption, and Plague Stinger, etc.)


Updates Add

Time has not been too kind to ultra budget infect :( As a lot of the main components have risen in price from mere pennies to larger fractions of a dollar this deck will no longer be available for under 10 dollars as it once was. HOWEVER, some nice reprints of Rancor and Might of Old Krosa means we can add these highly powerful spells while keeping the overall budget theme. While this deck will run you between 30 and 40 dollars today, I would still consider this deck to be one of the better budget modern decks available. I will try to update the list once in a while and as always am open to suggestions!

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