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Beat down has long been a favorite strategy in Pauper Magic. Green, of course, has some of the best creatures. Green just packs a wallop in the form of monsters. Sadly, Green lacks any effective way of clearing a path for such lovely destruction. Enter removal! Green can have its pick of the litter, but the choice always comes down to Black against Red. Black has the best removal the game can offer, but Red's removal goes to the face.In the Philosophy of Fire, the face wins...or loses.Red Green Aggro was an early favorite in PDC because it had all the tools to fight the king of the hill Affinity. Strong Shatter effects combined with a tight curve meant that for the longest time this deck was the ruler of the beat down roost. Of course in the early days there was no Incinerate or Lightning Bolt. No, these decks made do with Mongrel and Rootwalla alongside Fiery Temper, Firebolt, and Flame Burst. Yet these cars were so much better than everything else out there at the time that RG was the aggressive choice for years.


One Drops:

Greenseeker: Not very common, but its a great madness engine. Nobody focus very much on it, becuase they dont understand the value of it. Just think about it: Even if you dont have a card in your hand to play it with madness, you can discard a card to fill your graveyard for Werebear, or discard a flashback card to find a the land that you need. Just think about the fact that every land that you take out raise the chances to draw a nonland card? Resuming all of that, Greenseeker is THE card.

Basking Rootwalla:

1/1 with possible flash that can be a 3/3 for 0 mana, do you need any more Explanation?

2 Drops:

Werebear: This is our TED(yes, like the movie). It starts like a teddy bear, adding some mana, but after some turns it can be our 4/4 Grizzly Bear!

Wild Mongrel: I think that everybody that played Madness will say that this is our best card. Best madness engine. It gets +1/+1 for each card that you discard and change the color. Why changing color is so good? well in response of any condition that has to do with a color (for example terror or doom blade or some protection color) you just change his color.

5 drops creatures: WAIT?! andthe 3 and 4 drops? Well officially we dont have 3 and 4 drops but I promise these are great monsters.

Gathan Raiders: normally we play him allways with morph (another maddness engine) as we need to discard a card to flip him. Its a 3/3 but if you dont have card in hand it is a 5/5!!!

Arrogant Wurm: Madness wouldnt be back if this beuty wouldnt be Reedited. 4/4 trample,that can come in for 3 mana becuase of madness .



Fiery Temper and Lightning Bolt: FT is like bolt but with madness.

Flashback cards:

Faithless Looting only draw card, fills Graveyard and another engine(i know i know a lot of engine, but we want to get sure that we allways can activate madness!)

Reckless Charge:1 mana +3/+0 haste? and i can play it twice?

Acorn Harvest: its my pauper Lingering Souls.All i have to say!

Sideboard plan:


  • 2 Reckless Charge+2 Golgari Brownscale

Delver:- 2 Reckless Charge- 2 Fiery Temper-1 Faithless Looting+ 3 Pyroblast+ 2 Granger Guildmage


-2 Fiery Temper-2 Reckless Charge-2 Faithless Looting

+3 Ancient Grudge+3 Pyroblast


-2 Fiery Temper+2 Golgari Brownscale

UB control:

-1 Lightning bolt-2 Fiery Temper-2 Reckless Charge+3 Pyroblast+2 Golgari Brownscale


-2 Acorn Harvest-1 Fiery Temper+3 Ancient Grudge

UR fiend:-2 Acorn Harvest-1 Fiery Temper-2 Reckless Charge+3 Pyroblast+2 Golgari Brownscale


-2 Fiery Temper-2 Acorn Harvest-2 Reckless Charge

+3 Stone Rain+3 Ancient Grudge


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