My take on fishing for the fatties.


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I was thinking about this deck for a while and came up with a solution to dismal consistency, but I have yet to test it.

Adding Demon of Death's Gate might work well when Quest for Ula's Temple is just not in the stars. Considering there is a high chance of having three creatures by third turn on the battlefield and that I can get him to hand by transmuting Grozoth could work out nicely.

Essence Harvest could be extremely useful with either having Demon of Death's Gate or the other big guys on the battlefield.

It's less search/scry cards, but more creatures so the Quest for Ula's Temple charges up quickly and having 8 cards giving me Demon of Death's Gate on the table by turn three sounds really nice.

If all fails, then I just go back to my deck full fangs!:)


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+4 Demon of Death's Gate maybe
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