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The main win condition is to get out a hexproof creature and coat it in lots of auras! Draw lots of cards and swing for the win! Gladecover Scout and Bassara Tower Archer are the cards we are looking to target since they have hexproof. Adanto Vanguard also carries auras, your life total is an expendable resource so you can use it to make Adanto Vanguard hard to kill.
This deck is built around auras, lots of them. Their cheap CMC allows me to dump several auras onto my creatures each turn drawing me lots of cards and essentially taking control over the board. All the auras are helpful in different ways: Ethereal Armor and All That Glitters give lots of power assuming I control a lot of enchantments. Gryff's Boon gives evasion, I can also get this card back from the graveyard. Sentinel's Eyes lets me swing more freely without having to worry about having no blockers I can also get this card back from the graveyard if I need to. Cartouche of Solidarity gives me a small creature for blocking and/or attacking and some more power. Sixth Sense will draw me cards because I will be looking to attack every turn.
This deck has a lot of card draw, especially for a deck that doesn't run blue or black. Sram, Senior Edificer draws me one card every time I cast an aura. Sixth Sense will draw me cards assuming I will be swinging for damage every turn, it is another aura to trigger Sram, Senior Edificer. Season of Growth draws me a card whenever I put an aura on a creature and also gives me an extra scry ability. Setessan Champion gives card draw and some nice growth on the side.


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