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This deck is focused around a long game strategy. It is hit or miss in one versus one play. It is a lot of fun in multiplayer. You can build a lot of tokens, literally stack the deck with information dealer, draw a ton of cards, and gain a ton of life. My token engine is Stonybrook Schoomaster (creature) with a Freed From the Real (enchantment) and Ocular Halo (enchantment). Other variation with other creatures works until you get the schoolmaster.

Don't be sad if your opponents destroy your token engine, you can rebuild it several times (this deck is 86 cards, thus I've supplied you with an ample amount of card copies).

The rest of the deck is obvious. Annoying protection and tricks/advantages. Opponents will need to field wipe several times, have a infinite combos, or have spells that "can't be countered."

Enjoy! I make at least one friend rage quit every weekend when I put out that second sphere of safety XD.



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