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Adept of the Dark Realms

Standard UB (Dimir)


Milling, Milling, Milling galore. Cards like Tome Scour are cheap, easy mill cards, while cards like Traumatize are heavy hitters in the mill department. Archaeomancer can then bring these back to use again. Consuming Aberration can get really big, really fast, and when combined with Strionic Resonator can also cripple an opponent's deck. Strionic Resonator can also combine with Jace's Mindseeker.

Jace, Memory Adept can use his abilities both to help you draw, and help mill your opponents further, while Liliana of the Dark Realms helps bring out more mana and pump up your creatures. Once your opponent has lost enough of their deck, if they don't draw out of course, you can use Rise of the Dark Realms to summon back all of those milled creatures onto your battlefield.


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