Battlegate Mimic

Battlegate Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter

Whenever you play a spell that's both red and white, Battlegate Mimic becomes 4/2 and gains first strike until end of turn.

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Battlegate Mimic Discussion

CeltricNorl on

3 years ago

Ok, the first problem I see here is the lack of consistency that is caused by having many 1 or 2 copies of diferent cards. The second is that you have some cards that have anti-synnergy with one another, like Ampryn Tactician (Which is better at a weenies deck) or Battlegate Mimic (There isn't enough multicolored cards to justify it). The third and major one is the lack of a winning plan, in a format that is characterized by cheap removals, an aggro deck needs to be efficient in swarming the board or outvaluing the opponent. Your deck does neither of those things, it has a lack of cheap mana-efficient creatures and the presence of cards that have a negative impact on your total value, like Balduvian Horde and Arc Runner, causing it's poor performance.

Stranification on Army of the Boros

3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions Darth_Savage

I'll change the lands, but unfortunately Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx would be a bit out of budget. I thought about including Figure of Destiny as one drop, but I wasn't sure if I'd be throwing too much mana on his habilities instead of playing more spells to keep triggering Battlegate Mimic, I think it's stronger than what it looks at first glance. Anyways I could ignore the mimic and add instead the Honored Crop-Captain and Figure of Destiny. Thank you dude.

Darth_Savage on Army of the Boros

3 years ago

Hi Stranification,

Conventional wisdom says that lands that come into play tapped like Wind-Scarred Crag and Temple of Triumph are not what you want in modern because of the loss of tempo. To improve things a little replace the Wind-Scarred Crag with Clifftop Retreat, then if you have the budget replace two of the Temple of Triumph with two Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, this should help your mana base a fair bit.

Your also lacking one drops, so often you will be doing nothing turn one, that's ok but you need to know it is a weakness of your deck. If you weren't aiming to have everything by red/white I'd suggest Signal Pest, since you are I'm not sure what to suggest outside of Figure of Destiny, which will eat removal, but might be an option.

In terms of r/w two drops, I think I prefer Honored Crop-Captain to Battlegate Mimic, I'd also suggest cutting one Balefire Liege for Fanatic of Mogis, the fanatic could be a last minute save.

I hope that's of some help, have fun brewing your deck.

Icbrgr on Fun & budget friendly "Build-around-me" …

3 years ago

Have you have been in magic deck building limbo for awhile? Yknow that desire to build something new but dont exactly wanna net-deck nor have a very big budget? Well i have come across a card cycle that i have fallen in love with that i recommend checking out! The mimic/hatchling cycles from Eventide!

They are very easy to build around with lost of support given from Guildpact/Dissension/Return to Ravinca/Dragon Maze/Shadowmoor/Eventide sets because in these particular sets i noticed the use of the Hybrid mana in spells were quite abundant however; keep in mind that run of the mill multicolored spells also work as triggers.

I have built decks around Shorecrasher Mimic/Sturdy Hatchling and Riverfall Mimic/Shrewd Hatchling and find them both to be an absolute blast! Blood Moon is somthing i suggest as well if using /. With a bit of Digging on Gatherer searching the card lists of some of the sets i have suggested (or others) is pretty fun and easy to create a new semi-competitive yet budget friendly deck to play with in a casual environment.

Good luck out there and happy brewing!

yigg on W/R Balefire Liege

4 years ago

Sweet deck!! Maybe Boros Charm? Can get a lot out of each mode and triggers Battlegate Mimic. Some non creature spells always help. :)

HarbingerJK on Eventide Mimics?

5 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has broken the mimics from Eventide. I feel like they have some potential, but I haven't seen any pauper decklists with them. In case you don't know the mimics from eventide they are Nightsky Mimic Shorecrasher Mimic Riverfall Mimic Battlegate Mimic and Woodlurker Mimic.

TauralCW on Boros Militia

5 years ago

Looks pretty good for a first Pauper deck.

One issue I see though is that Pyreheart Wolf has only been printed at Uncommon and so is not legal in a Pauper deck. Increasing the count of Battlegate Mimic would be a good swap, but also perhaps the inclusion of Cerodon Yearling which is already in your maybeboard.

Other potentially good considerations might be Veteran Swordsmith or Ballyrush Banneret as most of your deck are Soldiers.

Hope I've at least given you some useful thoughts.