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Jund eidolon storm

Pauper Storm


This is a storm build that utilizes the eidolons abillity witch returns them to your hand when you play a multicolored spell. So we are trying to get a Wild Mongrel or Vampire Hounds out as quckly as possible. We have Faithless Looting to find them, in the meenwhile we try to dump as many eidolons as we can in the graveyard. When Vampire Hounds or Wild Mongrel hits the battlefield we pump them up by discarding eidolons (if we have more in hand) and then cast a multicolored spell like manamorphose, all the eidolons are returned to our hand and we can discard them again. We try to repeat the discarding many times. When our beater is pump enough we swing in, we can also do the discard at instant speed. If the road is blocked we can use colossal might or apostles blessing so our pumped creature can hit face. For mana fixing we use Wild Cantor and Manamophose whic are both multicolored so they trigger the eidolons.



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