turn 1:

play swamp, tap and play dark ritual. 3 black mana floating. use 1 to play sol ring and tap for 2. 2 coloress + 2 black floating, use 1 colorless and 1 black to play cabal ritual to add 3 black, 1 colorless and 4 black floating, use those 5 to play ad nauseum to draw your entire deck which will deal exactly 2 damage to you from sickening dreams, everything else is ands and zero cost artifacts. play dark sphere for 0, play lotus petal for 0, play either chrome mox (metal craft one?), mox diamond (exile land to tap it for anything), use 2 of those mana to play sickening dreams discarding 40 cards (or however many you need to kill everyone), pop dark sphere to keep yourself alive. GG


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