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Custom Chandra (Archenemy: Nicol Bolas)

Archenemy* Burn Mono-Red Vorthos


Archenemy: Nicol Bolas was a product released in June 16, 2017 with the, at the time, intentions of reviving the Archenemy format and to be the first step of a line of products that would be something along the lines of "MTG as a boardgame". In my humble opinion, this product was a failure being a boardgame since it lacks a lot of objects (dice for the gatewatch players, +1/+1 counters...) for a "Playable out of the box" experience and it's horrible in terms of balance and lore.

With these problems in mind, i've decided to customize each deck for a more lore-friendly and balanced experience. Keep in mind that i've restricted my options to any card up to Hour of Devastation, which is when the battle that this product showcases happens. So if you're wondering why i'm not using a certain card of an expansion that showed up after Hour of Devastaion, you just got the answer.

Chandra's deck...oh boy. This deck was the worst one for me. Not because of the cards that i had to get, but because of how bad the deck is in terms of lore. It was a creature-focused deck with Bloodthirst as its main mechanic, combat tricks and really bad burn spells. Chandra is a pyromancer! She likes to burn things herself, not pay mana to creatures to break things and then burn the remains. I've made a burn deck with cards that reward you if you use spells to replace that travesty. I also added some phoenixes in case you really want to kill Bolas with creatures. AT LEAST THE PHOENIXES MAKE SENSE! TWO WERE MADE BY HER OWN HANDS!

Check out the other 3 decks with the links below.

Nicol Bolas' Deck
Gideon's Deck
Nissa's Deck


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This and the other three decks are done. I'm not modifying them anymore. It was a fun ride and i hope my decks are fun to you as well.


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