Shielded Aether Thief


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Shielded Aether Thief

Creature — Vedalken Rogue

Flash (You may cast this spell at any time you could cast an instant.)

Whenever Shielded Aether Thief blocks, you get (an energy counter).

, Pay : Draw a card.

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Shielded Aether Thief Discussion

Mike1987 on Amonkhet God Series - Kefnet the Mindful

2 days ago

I'd take out Attune with Aether and Sixth Sense, and put in 2 more kefnets and some control (Negate or Essence Scatter). your only win condition is kefnet and you only have 2 of him. if he gets countered or exiled, or you just dont draw him, forget it. with the amount of card draw you have, you don't need land search from Attune with Aether, and you only have Shielded Aether Thief to make use of the energy. i think even if you get rid of Sixth Sense you still have plenty of card draw to get the 7 in hand, and kefnet himself can help with that, so you don't need every card in your deck to be about card draw.

Jwillette72 on Would you like a servo with that?

1 week ago

I've thought of Attune with Aether, but I haven't had trouble with getting specific mana because of Hub and Spire. I'll see how I feel about that about playtesting some more.

I do like the idea of Whirler Virtuoso though, I've also thought about Aether Theorist, Shielded Aether Thief and Rogue Refiner too!

Orion93 on Favorable Wins (Flier Tribal Aggro)

3 weeks ago

Why not go with some Sphinx cards? Or if you wanted you could try splashing red for The Locust God. Drop in 4 Aether Hubs and maybe a couple Shielded Aether Thiefs. Then just a ton of draw spells at instant speed. Glimmer of Genius being the best.

But you could make a bunch of 2/2 insect tokens and if you only run 1 or 2 of the god then there's not a big chance of having to worry about that red mana too often.

Shwang on Itlimoc Ballista

3 weeks ago

I see your points, and without testing it, I suppose I was just reaching into thin air with guesses haha.

Yeah Shielded Aether Thief plays really well with Rogue Refiner, but by himself is just ok. They're kind of a packaged deal ;)

And River's Rebuke is definitely a sideboard card. Mostly an aggro/midrange slow-down strategy.

I might have to playtest it just for the hell of it and see how it plays! I'm curious.

Harbynger on Itlimoc Ballista

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment! I have actually found that aggro matchups are this decks easiest opponents. After turn 3 with Oketra's Monument, I can be getting 2-4 creatures per turn, and especially if I get all my mana generating abilities going and some card draw. My hardest opponents are tempo/control decks. If you can kill my combo pieces, I'll have a hard time. I have seen this deck make 14 mana on T6... and I can easily double that on T7 with the right pieces. I'll have a decent number of chump blockers available to keep me going... or life from the River Hoopoe.

Majestic Myriarch is here as an alternate win-con to Walking Ballista, and the only thing I care about is the flying from River Hoopoe. I can easily get the Myriarch out with over 10 power and flying. Plus, with the Weaver of Currents and/or Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun, I have no problem generating enough mana to play him early.

The Negate and Disallow are here mostly to stop someone from stopping my Walking Ballista (or some other needed combo piece).

River's Rebuke is definitely at least a sideboard... especially since 6 mana is super easy to hit here.

Rogue Refiner is a hard sell for me. I already have a lot of 3CMC cards, and the other ones are way more important to my plan. I don't think the card 1 card draw is worth playing over either token generation or mana generation.

Shielded Aether Thief was one I considered at one point, and I will test him out again. I don't really go for energy, so I'm not likely to get the card draw from him, and I'm not sure what I would remove to make room for him.

Shwang on Itlimoc Ballista

3 weeks ago

I like the idea. Sounds like it could be really fun to get out a Ballista for 20 damage! Here are my thoughts:

I don't think you need Majestic Myriarch. It's too expensive and doesn't take on enough abilities. I also don't think you should have Negate or Disallow because you will be busy playing creatures of your own early on, and won't be able to play those until late game. I would at least go down to 1 or 2 of each.

In the place of all that I would put some control or some creatures to slow down your opponent or speed your game up. You need to hold out for probably around 10 turns before you can win (aggro matchups will be tough). Some ideas are: River's Rebuke, Rogue Refiner, or Shielded Aether Thief.

Looks fun though! Good luck to you!

djnewellmit on Bant Pummeler V1

1 month ago

From your maybeboard, I really like Shielded Aether Thief; it is probably a more versatile sideboard option than Impeccable Timing. The Thief works nicely against Ramanup Red matchup, and serves as a nice card draw engine against control matchups.

conk2000 on Rashmi Ouside (Please help)

1 month ago

I like the idea. I would remove the Shielded Aether Thief and Snapping Sailback, I think that is the easiest cuts to make.

My options for replacing are some mixture of: Panharmonicon, Opt or possibly Saheeli Rai.

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