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So I was watching Jon Finkel play his storm deck and was captivated by it and decided to try building a standard 'storm' deck with the cards I have. I looked up Burn at the Stake decks on a few sites and tweaked them to my liking. Most of them were splashing black and white for Lingering Souls and were playing Augur of Bolas but I like this list better as it is more consistent and has less mana issues.

So here's how the deck works:

Go through the deck with Faithless Looting and Desperate Ravings.

Play token generators and build your army with Burning-Tree Emissary , Krenko's Command and Thatcher Revolt .

Level-up all your spells with Goblin Electromancer.

Battle Hymn to generate an obscene amount of mana. Use the mana to dig for your win con, Burn at the Stake . Cycle your hand with Reforge the Soul to chain Battle Hymns.

Cast Past in Flames to give spells in your graveyard flashback and flashback Battle Hymn and Reforge the Soul to dig deeper. Also gives Desperate Ravings an alternate flashback cost (1R instead of 2U) so you can use the mana from Battle Hymn for that as well.

Grin like a maniac then burn people for up to 100+ points of damage on turn 4-6. :D

A quick example on how the deck works:

Say you draw:

Turn 1: (On the play)Play Mountain. Cast Faithless Looting. Draw 2x Mountain. Discard 2x Mountain.

Turn 2:Draw Faithless Looting. Play Sulfur Falls. Tap out for a Goblin Electromancer.

Turn 3:Draw Steam Vents. Cast Faithless Looting drawing Desperate Ravings and Burning-Tree Emissary . Discard Infernal Plunge and Steam Vents. Play the last Mountain in hand. Tap out for a Burning-Tree Emissary and cast Desperate Ravings for R. (G floating) Draw Sulfur Falls and Reforge the Soul. Discard (at random: I used the "Roll" function for a d4. 4: Reroll) a Reforge the Soul.

Turn 4:Draw Past in Flames. Tap 2 lands to flashback Desperate Ravings. Draw 2x Mountain. Randomly discard a Battle Hymn. Play Sulfur Falls. Tap out to flashback Faithless Looting. Draw Krenko's Command and Goblin Electromancer. Discard a Mountain and Past in Flames.

Turn 5:Draw Sulfur Falls. Tap 2 lands for a Goblin Electromancer. Tap another to flashback Faithless Looting. Draw Desperate Ravings and Burning-Tree Emissary . Discard a Mountain and Desperate Ravings. Tap the last land to flashback Desperate Ravings for an Infernal Plunge and Battle Hymn. Burning-Tree Emissary gets discarded. Play Sulfur Falls. Tap it to play Krenko's Command.

Turn 6: Draw Mountain. Play it. Tap R for Battle Hymn.

Float 5x R

At this point our graveyard looks like this:

We then use the extra mana to flashback Past in Flames, giving all of that flashback. (Still floating 2x R)

Now we flashback Krenko's Command for more goblins and use the last R to flashback Battle Hymn for 7x R.

Next, we need to search our library for our win con Burn at the Stake . So we start off by flashback-ing Reforge the Soul for 3x R. (4x R left floating)

Discard hand. Draw 7.

Cast Krenko's Command. Then Desperate Ravings. (2x R left) Now our hand looks like this.

Cast Krenko's Command. Now we have 11 creatures on board. Tap a land to flashback Battle Hymn for 11x R. We then cast Reforge the Soul again. (8x R left)

Now our hand looks like this:

Reforge again. (5x R left)

Aha. Our win con. You can keep doing this (be careful not to deck yourself - only 11 cards left at this point) to get about 40+ tokens out but 11 creatures should be more than enough to kill most opponents. Spend 3x R to cast Burn at the Stake for 33 damage.

Boom. =)

Sometimes you get god hands and can deal lethal by turn 4. Deck usually goes off at turn 6 tops. Good luck and have fun!


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