Shivan Meteor

Shivan Meteor


Shivan Meteor deals 13 damage to target creature.

Suspend 2— (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and exile it with two time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast it without paying its mana cost.)

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Shivan Meteor Discussion

TriusMalarky on Strixhaven Elder Dragons

1 month ago

Silverquill is just sort of bad because he wants you to be convincing the table to gang up on one person, but he doesn't really do enough to incentivize following your plan, so while it does benefit those who go with you . . . if they decide to take you out first, Shadrix over here does nothing to protect you and suddenly you've gone from the 3v1 or 2v1 you intended to the archenemy, except you're the archenemy with no capacity to actually play the archenemy because your commander doesn't draw 3 cards each turn.

Velomachus feels like fixed Narset. Cut out the color for extra turns, make it so you can only cast one, and oh, there's a very smol restriction on what cards you can cast with it. Yeah, there's still a couple extra combat spells, and those are totally worth it with him, but mostly you're doing cool things like shooting fire at stuff. Come to think of it, most of what you'll be doing is chucking Shivan Meteor s at things.

TheSlowestBro on Don't touch me or I call my Goblin brothers...

1 month ago

Looks like good fun! I question Goblin Balloon Brigade , but simultaneously, you'll be the only one in your city who runs it!

Lava Spike and Shivan Meteor seem a bit out of place though?

ClockworkSwordfish on The Unkillable Taunter and his dolls.

2 months ago

You could run something like Boros Reckoner as an earlier-game deterrent. He isn't indestructible like your namesake cards, but he blocks little creatures while hurting your opponent, takes out mid-sized creatures with First Strike and can even trade with huge creatures or chump them to blast your opponent. They're also handy to have around when that Blasphemous Act goes off!

By the way, I feel like you might as well run Shivan Meteor over Into the Maw of Hell. Blowing up a land is probably purely secondary, so it's one mana cheaper for the same damage and can even be set up earlier if you have nothing to do on turn three.

carpecanum on The Shadow Mage's Tour de Force

4 months ago

You become the Monarch. Boom > Blasphemous Act and a ton of counters. Damage based boardwipes are your friend. Star of Extinction, Shivan Meteor

mitcho78 on Geralt of Rivia

6 months ago

protection Hammer of Nazahn Darksteel Plate Shield of the Oversoul Indestructibility Timely Ward Bastion Protector Boros Charm Heroic Intervention Valorous Stance Inspiring Call Flawless Maneuver Deflecting Swat

wipe boad and boost yourself Subterranean Tremors Storm's Wrath Deafening Clarion Hammerfist Giant Fault Line Warmonger Starstorm Scourge of Kher Ridges Pyrohemia Chain Reaction Ryusei, the Falling Star Lavabrink Floodgates Into the Maw of Hell Shivan Meteor Star of Extinction Blasphemous Act Volcanic Offering

other fun card Coalhauler Swine

fighting for exemple Titanic Brawl Dromoka's Command Khalni Ambush  Flip Inscription of Abundance Ulvenwald Tracker

redirection Spitemare Boros Reckoner Rite of Passage Pariah's Shield Pariah

same effect Vigor Retaliator Griffin The Ozolith Phytohydra

get back monarch Soltari Visionary Zealot il-Vec Loyal Apprentice Lieutenant Kirtar Selfless Spirit Blinkmoth Nexus and all flying creature Academy Raider Haunted Cloak Shadowspear get trample Captain's Hook Cobbled Wings Pyreheart Wolf Trailblazer's Boots Frontier Warmonger Court of Ire Regal Behemoth and creature with trigger

boost and finish Pathbreaker Ibex Thunderfoot Baloth

become huge Inquisitor's Flail Solidarity of Heroes Hydra's Growth Invigorating Surge Furnace of Rath Kalonian Hydra Duelist's Heritage on yours creatures and on a creature attacking you

Block more or become blocked Bloodthirsty Blade and all goad Nemesis Mask Lure Brave the Sands can block 2 creatures with your commander Entangler Goblin Diplomats

juste some exemple, make a choice now :)

MagicMarc on Deck concept: indestructible

7 months ago

I would look at using the indestructible as your win condition. You can easily have a deck using the ones that will win you games as well.

Stuffy Doll, of course. There is also a new one, Brash Taunter. Just blocking with the taunter can win games. But you would be better off with adding big burn spells in the deck. Stuff like Shivan Meteor. Another doll, Creepy Doll, helps kill creatures while being indestructible.

Lastly, if you splash or use white in the deck, Elspeth, Knight-Errant's ultimate is crazy.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

11 months ago

I agree, Spitemare is a lot of fun and was actually in the initial decklist, but I switched it out for Spiteful Sliver because it was more cost efficient while serving the same purpose. I like Roast/Lightning Axe, but I'm not sure what I would take out to try it. As for Dictate of the Twin Gods, I'm going to try it with the sideboard Shivan Meteor/Purphoros's Intervention. Thanks for the suggestions.

Cthu1uS4uru5R3x on Green Mountains

2 years ago

Seems like you should be running more forests, since your green creatures need lots of green (mostly 2 each) and Rorix Bladewing and Shivan Meteor come later, when you'll have more time to get those mountains. Additionally, I don't know how much either of those cards are really helping the game plan, since Shivan Meteor is expensive single target removal in a deck that's trying to be aggro, and Rorix Bladewing seems a little late to play. Those cards are awesome, I just don't know how well they work together. Also, the deck's awesome, I really love Llanowar Augur and've never seen it before.

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