Nomadic Elf

Nomadic Elf

Creature — Elf Nomad

(1)(Green): Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Nomadic Elf Discussion

DragonLordJippy on A Better Zirda, Will of the Wild? (w/Marath)

1 year ago


You see the current list? It is...

SP3CTR3_chelts on Selvala, Explorer Returned (cEDH)

3 years ago

Rather than just mana producing dorks you can have mana filtering dorks especially with your deck producing so much green mana. Orochi Leafcaller although not an elf works really well for mana filtering or you have Nomadic Elf and Llanowar Envoy less efficient but in elf form.

Entomo on

3 years ago

Though Nomadic Elf Could do Orochi's job as well if you want to go further down the Overgrown Battlement plan.

Fogwoggler on Tap that ass

5 years ago

I feel like I wont be able to cast Grand Abolisher most of the time due to his WW casting cost. You mostly get green mana (the reason Gemstone Array Nomadic Elf and Orochi Leafcaller are in the deck)and you wont get those till your already parrlaying. Delaying Shield is mainly in the deck to stop commander damage (also stops lifelink and other when deals damage effect), since Selvala put you at a high enough life total that you can ignore most non commander damage and high enough to not die to your own hurricane. Holistic Wisdom does not have to only target untap spell (although it does turn you single target spells into untap all for an extra 2 mana). It also allows you to trade cards you dont need late game into non-rfg pieces (i.e. gemstone array can be traded for an umbra mantle). As for the removal, thats a meta call. I dont see alot of pithing needles, song of the dryads, ect. in my meta, so most of the time those are dead draws.

Brutticus on Jund Cascade Elfs

5 years ago

I like the idea behind this deck. I do think you arent making BBE pop as much as you can, which is why your running Jund in the first place, as opposed to a more traditional elf list.

So honestly? Focus on the more Aggo aspects of your deck. focus on low cost impact spells. I love Shaman of the Pack, Dwynen's Elite and Elvish Harbinger with cascade.

Cut Rites of Flourishing, Llanowar Elves, Elvish Archdruid, Nomadic Elf and Priest of Titania. Those cards have minimal impact when they hit the board, and when you are cascading things in, and swinging with BBE (who has haste) you want what you cascade into to help kill things. Besides, none of those cards fix, and you dont have sinks to dump 40 mana into (like i do in my mono green elf deck, which was designed around those cards.)

So what you do put in? Blightning. Lightning Bolt. Burn spells. Pump spells. Short elves with ETB triggers.

Wleohy on Infinite Mana Fixing

5 years ago

Either that or Nomadic Elf.