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Responding to your call out on reddit. The first thing i would change unless you're attached to it for flavor reasons is Feed the Pack. When you get to that amount of mana and you're casting it into a board for which it would be good it's just going to end up being win more. and it doesn't really help anything post wrath other than sacrificing a top-decked creature and then you're probably not going to get more value out of the wolves than you would have the creature. The other thing is that you have an incredibly high threat density and 4 significant pump spells. I think you could capitalize very well on having more mana dudes. Even though its off color Avacyn's Pilgrim would do a great job of this or you could use the more synergistic Gyre Sage. These little guys will help you pump your bigger threats out faster and will not be dead in the late game as you have both Master Biomancer and Increasing Savagery which have insane synergy with Gyre Sage. I understand the need for Farseek for mana fixing reasons but i might try cutting Farseek down to a three of and shuffling around your creatures to fit 4 Gyre Sages.

March 8, 2013 3:17 p.m.

qaz012345678 says... #2

I would have to change my 3 drops then. Neither beastmaster nor manipulator push gyre up any higher. And the main reason for feed the pack is eating people stolen stuff.

March 8, 2013 3:25 p.m.

FarazR2 says... #3

In response to your reddit post:

You need a better curve. I would put in three cloudfin raptors rather than manipulators, and 2 more Silverhearts. In addition, I would put in at least one ranger's path. It'll get you past the 4CMC hump and you'll be able to cast everything you want. I also suggest spectral flight if you can to put onto whatever you get that's huge.

If you want to fix your three drops, put in Wolfir Avenger and Crocanura. Crocanura can deal with fliers and gets a huge toughness quickly. Or, Elusive krasis if you want to push through damage with an unblockable. Check out my "Current Wolfir" deck here on tapped out if you need some ideas of curve toppers or things to get damage through.

March 8, 2013 8:47 p.m.

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