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The deck's simple enough, my own attempt at angel tribal. Main aim is to get out a Semblance Anvil or two, imprinted with a creature - Porcelain Legionnaire for preference, to get further anvils out cheaper. Deck is for a fairly slow, heavily multiplayer metagame.

UPDATE: -4 Plains, +4 Emeria, the Sky Ruin -2 Infiltration Lens, +2 Strata Scythe


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So, with the advent of Avacyn Restored, there's quite a few cards that could improve this deck, to such a degree that this is no longer particularly budget - I'll be building this (admittedly slowly) with an eye on competitive play. I'm guessing it won't do hugely well, but for a tribal deck it should be reasonably strong.

Cards in: Baneslayer Angel (as it's no longer budget), Restoration Angel (a flashing angel for 1? Yes please) and Herald of War - forces my opponents to answer it, leaving my bigger hitters to push through.

Cards out (roughly): Shepherd of the Lost - as much as I want it in, it's not worth it the cost compared to other angels (which in itself is quite sad).

P.S. Also removed Porcelain Legionnaire for Gold Myr - they can provide ramping even without the anvil, in the worst situation.


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