Win Rate: Very High

General concept: Revolves around Blood Artist and the like, having the death of my creatures heal me and damage them with added effects like the option to kill their creature's. A very useful card combo is Bone Splinters and Tragic Slip preferably with a Blood Artist in play.

Win conditions: If the death of creatures throughout the game and basic attacks don't kill the opponent, there is a winning combination that usually finishes the game as soon as it's set up.

On the field: 1. Blood Artist 2. Gravecrawler 3. Butcher Ghoul or any other Zombie 4. Demonmail Hauberk

This combination is fairly easy to get set up since all of the zombies have Undying or can return from the graveyard. The Demonmail Hauberk is usually difficult for most decks to get rid of and if it is removed, I have several to draw into. Altar's Reap is incredibly useful in this deck. Once this is set up, spells aren't really cast from me anymore as the mana usually all goes to sacrificing Gravecrawler, bouncing the Demonmail Hauberk between two creatures. This deals at least 1 damage per Swamp to target player and I gain at least 1 life. The more Blood Artist's out, the worse/better.

Dictate of Erebos is a huge threat and is able to clear the board rather quickly if left on the field. If I have a combo set up, it's generally a game ender.

Why it's fun:It's great to see the opponent be scared to kill your creatures. When a Day of Judgment is in their hand and they can't play it because it would kill them is quite satisfying.

Sideboard help:I need help with creating a sideboard so any suggestions are very much appreciated. For the most part, the main Deck is complete and I'm not looking to change it. However if something would really work noticeably better I would certainly give a good go. Please Play test it and let me know how things go.


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Update: I had Butcher Ghoul in here before who served the purpose of keeping a Zombie on the field. I replaced him with Relentless Dead as it's a very easy Zombie to get back onto the field, and if I can't keep him out, I can call them back the next time I have one out.

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