New magic player, my first attempt at a deck! Please let me know how i can improve it.



Albino says... #1

First, welcome to Magic, Dr. Bananagrin!

I think one thing that your deck could use is an one-drop, something along the lines of Thrull Parasite , which would help you a lot, both by being something to do during turn one, and by having extort, which will keep it relevant through the game. When you have nothing costing one mana, you will always spend your first turn doing nothing. It might also be good to have some non-enchantment removal, like Orzhov Charm , Tragic Slip or Ultimate Price .

You may also want to look to upgrade the land-base. Isolated Chapel and Godless Shrine would both add some consistency to the potential mana you have available at all times. Furthermore, the Orzhov Guildgate is a relatively weak card to use, as, the turn it enters the battlefield, it can be used for absolutely nothing.

As a final comment, you may want to have less than four Obzedat, Ghost Council , as with four in your deck, the probability of you having one on the battlefield and one in your hand that you cannot play due to the Legendary rule is rather high.

Nevertheless, I like your deck, and I went ahead and +1'd it. :-)

February 3, 2013 5:33 p.m.

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