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The goal of the game is to discard your opponent's entire library so that when he tries to draw a card, can't, he loses.

The vanilla build of this deck is late game combo. Trying to stall your opponent from killing you is the main goal of this deck on game one. Use Mind Sculpt and Dream Twist early to ease board pressure with a Phantasm. Once you've built up 7-9 mana start dropping Increasing confusion for a quick finisher.*Drawing into a Jace turn 5 or 6 is usually a 1-3 turn clock depending upon your draw.

For post-board against agro decks, replacing slower cards such as Curse and Rotcrown, you can open your deck to downpour, sleep, and counters. Also replacing the dream twists for thought scours has been and idea I'm toying with, the extra draw from thought scour seems like a good way to keep vital card advantage in the match up.

For mid-range type decks, my general thought has just been to race them, board out creatures like rotcrown and the hatchlings for thought scours, counters, and toying with chill in some match-ups.

Not quite sure about any RTR cards, but nothing is out of the question.


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