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Mardu Aristocrats (War of the Spark)

Standard Aggro Aristocrats Combo Competitive RBW (Mardu)



A aristocrats deck centered around Cruel Celebrant and Judith, the Scourge Diva .

I've been intrigued in making a aristocrats deck since Ravnica Allegiance dropped, but I was more than happy to see War of the Spark release a bunch of support for the deck.


1 mana: Footlight Fiend and Gutterbones . Footlight Fiend helps deal more damage from your creatures dying, and put the opponents on a quicker clock. Gutterbones just keeps coming back

2 mana: Dreadhorde Butcher and Fireblade Artist . Both creatures have haste which helps the aggro theme immensely. Fireblade Artist helps add a early sac outlet and can turn Footlight Fiend into a Lava Spike or similar Arc Trail . Dreadhorde Butcher is yet another creature that deals damage when it dies, but also gets bigger and bigger if opponents can't (or choose not to) block.


Cruel Celebrant and Judith, the Scourge Diva are the center or motor of the deck. They help keep the damage conistent, and Judith adds +1 to other creatures power

2 mana: Priest of Forgotten Gods is another sac outlet, that adds lots of value.

3 mana: Midnight Reaper is in to keep fueling your hand, and add more advantage for losing creatures


Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord helps gain life off the damage dealt by your creatures, and helps bring back creatures that saw removal or were sacrificed.

God-Eternal Bontu is in to close off the game, and to draw lots of cards.

Massacre Girl is in to also close off the game, and to add a board-wipe to the deck.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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