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Control a Planet Sized Creature Today with Golgari

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This deck is all about counters, though it takes a while to get going, with Corpsejack Menace, Wild Beastmaster, and Death's Presence on the field, it is possible for creatures to hit +50/+50 easily. What you do is have something like Dreg Mangler attack with the three cards mentioned earlier, it dies, +6/+6 on Wild Beastmaster, scavenge, Wild BM now is a 13/13. Attack with it and something like Deadbridge Goliath cast Murder on it, Wild BM just got +17/+17 from Deaths Presence and double that, Wild BM is now 47/47 and can spread it around. Scavenge Deadbridge Goliath, Wild BM is now a 57/57. Now watch as you destroy their anus. The HUGE downside is that it takes about 6-8 turns to get going. So I was planning on using it in 2-Headed Giant with a deck that is really stally like a Token Lifegain deck or something. Suggestions?


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