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Combo Deathtouch Deck (NEED HELP IMPROVING!)

Modern BG (Golgari) Budget Casual


This is the new version of the deck I came up with. Incorporating suggestions, I added in mana, creatures that deal with flying creatures, and a new gameplan.

The main win condition is to get Vraska the Unseen and use her -7 ability, combined with trample, to win the game. This isn't the only way for this deck to win, however. The deck is built with eight low-cost creatures, eight moderately expensive creatures, and four powerful expensive creatures. The lesser creatures can then be buffed with my many enchants to become powerful forces on their own. Combined with two separate ways to gain Trample, and the deck should be able to keep up a strong defense while adapting to setbacks from Control decks. Additionally, it's easy to simply wear down a controlling opponent with Rancor and the sheer number of creatures.

I believe this would be considered an Aggro-Combo deck, but I'm not sure. I also believe the mana ramp is far better now, with twenty-four land cards.



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