Battle cattle go boom!

Standard B/R (Rakdos) Budget

Flenser Score: 1


The idea is to use the crazy synergy the minotaurs have to swing once, twice at the most for the win.

Currently having trouble with the UWx deck supreme verdict/ detention sphere unless I can get the right hand and am on the play.

Considering Slaughter Games or Rakdos's Return but I'm not sure if either will solve the problem. Any suggestions appreciated.


— March 26, 2014

-Added Skullcrack to sideboard to deal with my local meta, which includes a few Maze's End players. -Trying to decide on the best use of Slaughter Games , the UWx deck is fairly rampant at my local shop. My thought process for that deck is to take Elspeth, Sun's Champion as more than a couple of them have stopped running the AEtherling , so without elspeth they don't actually have a win condition.

— March 25, 2014

-Switched Coordinated Assault in favor of Weapon Surge

-Removed 2x Fall of the Hammer in favor of 4x Dreadbore as the biggest trouble I've been having is spot removal.

-Added 4x Slaughter Games to the sideboard, they definitely did some work in the play testing tonight.

MrEM4N says... #1

Have you considered replacing Coordinated Assault with Weapon Surge since the overcharge can give ALL your Minotaurs first strike and +1? I've only ever used Weapon Surge on my aggro and have almost always had the extra mana to pull off the overcharge.

March 25, 2014 9:22 a.m.

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