Battle cattle go boom!

Standard B/R (Rakdos) Budget

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The idea is to use the crazy synergy the minotaurs have to swing once, twice at the most for the win.

Currently having trouble with the UWx deck supreme verdict/ detention sphere unless I can get the right hand and am on the play.

Considering Slaughter Games or Rakdos's Return but I'm not sure if either will solve the problem. Any suggestions appreciated.


-Added Skullcrack to sideboard to deal with my local meta, which includes a few Maze's End players. -Trying to decide on the best use of Slaughter Games, the UWx deck is fairly rampant at my local shop. My thought process for that deck is to take Elspeth, Sun's Champion as more than a couple of them have stopped running the AEtherling, so without elspeth they don't actually have a win condition.

-Switched Coordinated Assault in favor of Weapon Surge

-Removed 2x Fall of the Hammer in favor of 4x Dreadbore as the biggest trouble I've been having is spot removal.

-Added 4x Slaughter Games to the sideboard, they definitely did some work in the play testing tonight.


MrEM4N says... #1

Have you considered replacing Coordinated Assault with Weapon Surge since the overcharge can give ALL your Minotaurs first strike and +1? I've only ever used Weapon Surge on my aggro and have almost always had the extra mana to pull off the overcharge.

March 25, 2014 9:22 a.m.

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