Being killed from a poisonous bite is not a pleasant experience, it can be quick and painful, or it can be slow and agonizing. This deck perfects the art of a slow, agonizing game for your opponent. We force them to use lands that will poison them further by destroying the other lands they control by opening a Sinkhole from under them.

For draining the enemy of what little life they have left, we have the cards:

  1. Contaminated Bond

  2. Contaminated Ground

  3. Grim Guardian

  4. Pestilence

  5. Psychic Venom

  6. and Sinister Possession

The destruction of all comforts for the enemy and sources of healing must be destroyed to ensure the venom keeps its course, to do this we have a spell which opens Sinkholes and destroys the land they rest upon.

When they are at there weakest, we will summon a monster from the depths to finish off our foe, Gurmag Angler is just the creature.

To get us started in any game, a Dark Ritual to our demonic gods will grant us the mana we need. As well we will use our Accumulated Knowledge to find the best way to weaken our foe. Our foe may have minions, but using them against him will be useful. A Sinister Possession and a Contaminated Bond are just the things we need to develop.

No one will stand against us.

Note: Sinkhole is only not included in MTGO Pauper, it is fully legal in paper pauper as it was printed as a common in unlimited edition.


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