LabManiacs November Stream!



5 December 2017


Hello and welcome back to the Lab Maniacs! Our videos today come from our November Patron Stream! In our first block, LabManiac_Dan is joined by LabManiac_Sigi, and two of our Level 4 Patrons, JustDon’t and Lorderos. They are playing High Tide Oona, Titania Stax, Doomsday Breya, and Baral Control, respectively.

Block 1

Oona: Queen of the Storm, designed by AlwaysSleepy, is a slower High Tide list that uses the core UB spells to support a multitude of infinite mana combos, utilizing Oona, Queen of the Fae as your outlet. While many would argue that Thrasios is strictly better for infinite mana shenanigans, Oona serves a valuable role as a strong noninfinite outlet. Her activated ability exiles X cards from an opponent when she uses it, so she has the ability to produce multiple blockers while eating away at your opponents' outs.

Titanic Titania is a grindy list, aiming to slow the game down to a point where creature beats can take over. It uses land destruction and resource denial to set opponents back and to produce 5/3 Elementals. As the game progresses, this deck will become more and more scary, threatening to lock you out then trample all over you.

Doomsday Breya for the Ballsy is a deck that many have adapted. Lorderos is playing a build he designed himself, capitalizing on Breya’s ability to make a wide variety of Doomsday piles. If there's one thing this deck wants to be doing, it's asking a question of the opponents every turn of the game. That question is, "Do I win now?"

Draw-Go Baral is a deck that LabManiac_Sigi has recently picked up to try out for himself. As with similar Draw-Go control decks like Rashmi, how you win is still up for debate, and only vaguely relevant. The engine that Baral provides with his triggered ability allows you to sculpt your hand exactly as you need it, turn to turn. Couple that with his cost reducing effect, and your opponents are going to have to deal with quite a lot of spells coming from merely one player.

Block 2

Generally a LabManiac-only block, we've let Bolsheviktory, another Level 4 Patron, join us! LabManiac_Sigi comes back, joined by LabManiac_Cameron and LabManiac_Dan again, to round out the pod. They are on Shimmer Zur, Doomsday Yidris, Thrasios/Akiri Twin, and Midrange Yisan.

Shimmer Zur Storm, designed by Bolsheviktory himself, is a fun twist on the traditional Doomsday Zur deck. Eschewing some of the late game options to support Doomsday , Shimmer Zur adds Shimmer Myr and Aetherflux Reservoir . The intent is to enable an end-step-win the turn you put Necropotence into play. During your end step you can flash in Shimmer Myr , and then proceed to manually storm off with artifacts to win before you let an opponent untap.

Yidris Storm/Doomsday 2.0, built by LabManiac_Sigi using several of ShaperSavant's initial concepts, uses the strong BUGr spell suite to play a fairly typical Doomsday game. Cards like Ancestral Visions and Lotus Bloom take advantage of Yidris-specific Doomsday piles that let are cheaper and more protected than traditional piles. This is one of the more recent decks in this pod, so it’s still undergoing changes.

Sans-Black Splinter Twin is a deck that LabManiac_Cameron has been working on for a while now. Using both traditional Twin wins of Twin/Kiki and Exarch/Pestermite, along with nontraditional wins of Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian , Cameron plays a fast game. To this end he has also included a Flash Hulk win with some real janky lines that you can see in his deck’s description!

Wanderer's Song is a list made by ShaperSavant. It plays a typical suite of green ramp, alongside very powerful stax pieces like Null Rod and Root Maze . A big draw of Yisan is the consistency of getting him down on Turn 2, and the myriad of options you have open after that. Starting with a Quirion Ranger helps you win quickly. Equally valid is starting with a Sylvan Safekeeper to protect your slowly amassing army. What makes this deck so powerful is that you have a tool for every situation.

So for those of you who were unable to watch us live, or for those of you who did and want to see it again, please enjoy the Laboratory Maniacs November Patron Stream!

Block 1

Block 2

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