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Rakdos Grave Pyromancer (Red/Black)

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos)



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This deck is focused on fast Red aggro, supported by Black's ability to resurrect and debilitate, and Rakdos' Spectacle mechanic

Plenty of ways to inflict direct damage (Shock, Skewer the Critics, Punishing Fire, Palace Siege) to proc Spectacle costs, the Bloodthirst on the Blood Ogres and bringing those pesky Gutterbones back

First Strike is also prevalent, with the Rakdos Witch, Blood Ogres, and Ancestral Vengeance and Grave Strength can get counters on creatures to synergise with Rakdos Witch

Overall, this deck punches fast with many combos being quite cheap. If things drag on too long, it can support itself with Khazuul and Gravewaker. Spite Bellows is also a great creature nuke that is easy to get back with Dead Revels Spectacle combos

Any Feedback is much appreciated!


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