MTG Combo: Geralf's Messenger + Solemnity


Mondo1212 on zombie smallpox

3 years ago

Thanks for linking me your deck BigOldFox,

I like it, we both have similar game plans: use discard to gain advantage, use recursion and zombie tribal synergy to win. I actually was thinking of adding Viscera Seer into the deck and making a Geralf's Messenger + Solemnity combo. I don't think it would be very viable, but it could be fun. As far as the creatures you have in your maybe board, I personally think your deck doesn't need them, you're more than likely going to sac off your zombies so the buff that the lords give you won't carry as much of an impact, if anything Lord of the Undead might be a good lord as it offers some extra recursion. One suggestion for your land would be to get rid of Isolated Chapel, as you said you want at least on white/black mana source and Aether Vial to start off on, and while Isolated Chapel does tap for both, its dependent on you having a swamp or plains on the field already. I would use Caves of Koilos over Isolated Chapel if you need the black/white mana on turn one, yeah you take damage, but it comes in untapped so it doesn't slow you down. If you have any suggestions for my deck feel free to leave them.

JohnRudolfLewis on

3 years ago

Three Key Combos:

Three different sacrifice outlets:

Two different tutors: