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Upvote if you love Thrun! (Budget thrunation)

Modern Budget Combo Competitive Control GW (Selesnya) Hatebears



Well, I'd asume that the strategy is pretty obvious here:

WIN WITH THAT THRUN! Oh, also, was anyone else aware that Thrun couldturn into Yoda?!?!Pls upvote (unless your pc makes it take 10 minutes, like mine does)...

Find the budget version off this deck under updates, second from the top.

Other reasons to upvote besides loving Thrun:

Finding this deck totally OP, Loving the new word I came up with in the title, Having decided that you would like to win the pro tour using lanawar elves


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Quick update: I've been busy lately so I have not had much time to be posting on the log, however I can go ahead and quickly say my record with this deck so far, which happens to be 7-2. Just wanted to let y'all know, thanks for all the support!


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