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Young wolf and strangleroot geist are early attackers against control / midrange and early blockers against aggro. Undying works well with the guildmage, biomancers, tracker, and peel. I have no problem with the biomancers negating the undying when casting them late game because at that point I'm either getting a 3/3 for G or a 4/3 haste for GG.

Wolfir avenger's flash is nice in the early game, letting me keep mana open for a peel or counter if needed while acting as a surprise blocker against more aggressive decks. The regeneration is great when paired with the tracker, as it lets me clear out difficult threats like nighthawks, flipped mayors, thragtusks, and the occasional hellrider (if I somehow still have a tracker left) without losing my guy. A rancored avenger outfights almost everything with regeneration protection.

Peel from reality has been surprisingly good. Against aggro, it lets me reset undying while blocking one guy and bouncing another. In the late game it allows me to bounce an early creature to replay with biomancer support or acts as a counterspell for creature removal. I was worried at first that this card might just be a little too cute but it's honestly been an absolute house. I wish I could run more than four. There's nothing quite like countering an uncounterable abrupt decay while sending a pumped lotleth back to their hand.

Zameck guildmage should be pretty self-explanatory, but it's kind of good with undying and biomancer counters. With all the aggro running around right now, an early wolf or geist with guildmage support is a hell of a wall to break through and gives constant card advantage while doing it. Against control he helps me dig for my counters and finishers.

Wolfir silverheart is BFF with master biomancer, ulvenwald tracker, rancor, and spell rupture. He's just a nice top of the curve who helps everyone do their thing.

I like the look of simic charms, but I think they'd be best in the sideboard. Most of the time peel will do what the charm will while throwing in a free unsummon. It's great against RDW (stops flames of the firebrand in game two and bounces pyreheart / hellrider before combat without compromising my blockers) but I don't think it's mainboard material. I haven't playtested enough to nail down a real sideboard yet.



certie says... #1

I play a Simic deck at my LGS and went 2-0 (R/G), 2-0 (Dimir mill/Control) and 1-2 (U/W Control). Only reason for loss in R3 was a couple bad hands. So I feel my version of simic is consistent enough to give feedback. The first thing I quickly realized about the deck is that it needs to tone down on the amount of creatures. So i shaved my creatures down to:

3x Master Biomancer4x Strangleroot Geist2x Zameck Guildmage1x Cloudfin Raptor2x Vorapede4x Augur of Bolas3x Gyre Sage

Thats the creature set up I use. As well i have 2x Garruk, Primal Hunter. This gives the deck phenomenal draw power and extra creatures that have the chance to come out huge with Master Biomancer. A staple in this deck.

You need to put 3x Increasing Savagery in the deck to give you more counters the play with, and the synergy with Gyre Sage is more then broken.

The small amount of counterspell in this deck needs to removed. I opted for "Bounce" in my deck, and has worked out great. Out -2x Spell Rupture. In- 4x Unsummon. ( remove an islands and a forest from your deck)

Remove 4x Peel from Reality. Add 2 Cyclonic Rift, and 2 Rapid Hybridization.

With the 7 extra Creature spots we now have open. Add 2x Bioshift, 3x Increasing Savagery, 2x Farseek.

All these changes add a huge level of synergy to the deck. The bounce from Unsummon/Cyclonic rift/Rapid hybridization will make your undying creatures last forever, and save your Biomancers and Gyre sages. As well as move anything nasty out of your way on the field.

For a while i thought going more spell counter instead of bounce would be better, but with this deck type, control just doesnt fit it. The bounce is the extra kick this deck needed to be competitive. Ill report my next FNM W/L and let you know how it goes.

March 11, 2013 6:47 p.m.

certie says... #2

As well. Forgot to mention to take out the 4 Rancor, and Put in 4 Simic Charm. You get 4 more bounce cards added to the deck, and the ability to make your creatures hexproof or +3/3. Another staple for the deck.

March 11, 2013 6:51 p.m.

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