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Standard WB (Orzhov)


Ok, my last deck, There and Back Again focused on bringing out creatures, then sending them to exile and returning them to the battlefield to use their entrance abilities again and again. This deck provides a slightly different approach to victory.

The idea of this deck is to kill off creatures. A standard for most decks, but in this one, it really doesn't matter whose creatures you kill, yours OR your opponent's. The deck focuses around Blood Artist, Falkenrath Noble, and Thraben Sentry   .

Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble are no-brainers. While not heavy hitters on their own, they act to siphon off your opponent's life into you. Get a couple of them out at once and cards like Divine Reckoning become absolutely devastating.

Thraben Sentry   , when one of your creatures dies, goes from a 2/2 with Vigilance, to being Thraben Militia   , which is a 5/4 with trample. And die your creatures do. Selfless Cathar , Crypt Creeper , and Brain Weevil all have abilities which either set back your opponent or temporarily increase the power of your creatures when sacrificed, which of course also activates the abilities of Blood Artist, Falkenrath Noble, and Thraben Sentry   .

After that, Kill cards, kill cards, kill cards galore to mess with your opponent, regardless of whether you kill their creatures or your own.

As a side note, I added in two Avacyn, Angel of Hope and a Requiem Angel I would like to note that I added them for my own reasons (ie, Requiem Angel gives you a flying token after your creatures die, for both attacking and to give you more cannon-fodder creatures, while Avacyn, Angel of Hope protects creatures like Blood Artist, Falkenrath Noble, and Thraben Sentry   from being destroyed by your opponents before they can become the big-hitters of the game). However, these cards are completely optional. The difference is slim to none with or without them. Without, this deck pulled out the win 23 times out of 30. With, it won 26 times out of 30.


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