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The Hulking Mill is a deck that uses what green does best, buffing, to mill the opponents using Altar of Dementia.

You can get out a Protean hulk very early using Elvish Piper, 4th turn if you're lucky. Then you can sacrifice the hulk to your Altar of Dementia to not only mill your opponents for 6, but go and round up your farmhands and your elves.

This gives you enough mana/land to play all of your Panglacial Wurms (There are a lot of search cards in this deck), buff them with a Muscle Burst imprinted on Isochron scepter, and then sacrifice to mill your opponents for massive amounts, that, or you can just beat them down.

The Skyship Weatherlight is a chance card that may or may not make things easier for you.

Academy Ruins works with Elvish Harbinger against Artifact hate, and the Sapseep Forests gives you an early way to gain life if you're hurting from serious burn.

Chameleon Colossus is just kind of overkill.

Sideboard: I didn't find any real need for a sideboard yet.


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