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Fixed T7 Win! [[Kaho, Minamo Historian]] *Primer*

Commander / EDH Budget Casual Combo Jank Mono-Blue


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Alternative win condition, T7 win with no interaction!

So, you have to pull out all your islands with Mana Severance then get Laboratoty Maniac on the board and draw yourself out.
T1-3: Land each turn

T4: Land, cast Kaho, Minamo Historian targeting Mystical Tutor , Counterspell and Opt

T5: Either play Mana Severence from your hand or Tap Kaho to topdeck it, if it was already in your hand, topdeck Laboratory Maniac

T6:Play Mana severence or Lab Maniac depending on your T5, and tap Kaho to Opt

T7:If you haven't won by T6, play Laboratory Maniac , use Opt as above and win!

If you draw Mana severance in the first two turns, you can win by T5 If you draw it T4 or T5 you generally win T6 as described above
If your opponent has removal and you don't have open mana to counter it, you will lose! The powerlevel of this deck is really high, however if you’re against a blue deck, you’re not looking too good.

Thanks for looking! Chuck any comments, suggestions or +1s my way :)


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