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Costly Rage




What's the cost of rage? 2 life per tick. For those unfamiliar with the rage symbol, it was released in new phyrexia and it is a part of the mana cost for cards that were released in that set. For cards with that in the mana symbol, you can either pay with that color of mana, or you can pay 2 life in place of it. It's great for speed as you can put a 5/4 trample out on turn 4 but you would have to pay 4 life to do so. Now I know what you're thinking...I don't want to pay 4 life to do something like that. But in order to counteract this issue I have added Pristine Talisman's to gain life back and on top of that the Rage Extractor will punish my enemy just for me casting spells.


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