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This is just a deck idea that came to me last night during M13 sealed, after someone was talking about how bad Slumbering Dragon and as usual when someone rips on a card I had to come up with a way for it to be useful, so this is what I cam up with.

Red/Green seemed natural as I want to get Slumbering Dragon up to five counters, without having to be attacked to get it there, and green has many, many ways of going about that. The first cards I added in were Blessings of Nature and Increasing Savagery due to the high number of counters they provided. Soon after I started looking for things that could benefit from having many counters, one stand out was Falkenrath Exterminator due to it's ability to inflict massive amounts of damage to my opponent's field. Then I settled on Champion of Lambholt, Primordial Hydra and Lumberknot to round out the decks heavy hitters. After I had the cards I knew I was going to play the rest of the deck seemed to fall in place, such as adding in Birds of Paradise and Avacyn's Pilgrim, which is used with Gavony to add more counters as well as another addition I made, Deranged Outcast is another card I've seen get grief from people, and was pleased with knowing I could put it to good use. As the deck runs a high number of humans it works well, expecially when you factor in Lumberknots growth whenever you sac a human. As well as assuring the morbid for Hunger of the Howlpack and finding a continued use for Timberland Guide which was worth putting in after adding the Deranged Outcasts. Finally the Rings seemed to have a place in the deck, if for nothing else the constant buff they provide, turing even a Timberland Guide into a potential threat. Then there is Primordial Hydra, which one I start adding on counters only to have them doubled over and over, becomes something that needs to be dealt with, and fast, or else it's just game over for any opponent that has a hard time dealing with a 600/600

So that's the general idea of the deck, besides the Birds of Paradise its all post rotation, and besides the Birds of Paradise it's very budget friendly. Any ideas you may have that can keep it that way are very welcome, and if you just like this +1/+1 counter covered dragon, then why not +1 ;D


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