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Super budget. Modern legal, but casually intended. This deck is fun, surprisingly effective, and the Main Board is just around $15!

In short, play as many creatures as possible. Sac the Sac Fodder with either Viscera Seer, or to Bloodthrone Vampire, followed by Rite of Consumption; with Blood Artists or Zulaport Cutthroats out.

Generally, only 5 saccable creatures need to be in play for this to win. The replacement ability of creatures makes draw and blocking possible long enough to build a winning boardstate.

Most of all it's a LOT of fun!

The Maybe Board are cards I'm considering for future builds or sideboard options, but have not yet for any number of reasons. Questions and suggestions are encouraged.

Aether Vial: Not budget.. but clearly an improvement on speed.

Crypt Incursion: Definitely a 2x SB card. Possibly a 1x MB card. Pretty much just a fail safe for a failed win attempt.. Target my own library, gain life, try again.

The bulk of the deck is saccable creatures that replace themselves:
Butcher Ghoul- Undying makes this valuable when paired with Grim Haruspex ("..nontoken creature dies..")

Doomed Dissenter- A 1/1 that becomes a slightly tougher 2/2 token.

Carrier Thrall- Replaces itself with a token that has its own sac outlet, and provides mana for those turns when you have an odd number of land.

Sultai Emissary- replaces itself by Manifesting the top card of your library. Take note, that the Manifest card is not a token, allowing for a second trigger of Grim Haruspex.

This works well after using a Viscera Seer, for drawing utility cards like Bloodthrone Vampire, or leaving mana available for the morph cost.

So, we have all of these creatures that replace themselves, how do they help us win by dying? There are two mechanics here that suck the life from your opponent.

First, is the presence of multiple "drain and gain" creatures: Blood Artists and Zulaport Cutthroats. Sac creatures, and watch the life totals switch.

Of course, we need sac outlets to get these creatures dying for the win. Sac outlets include:
Bloodthrone Vampire- For the coup de gras. Pump Vamp up by sac'ing your board (averaging ~3 lifeloss/sac through Artist and Cutthroat), then attack.
Finally, sac to Rite of Consumption.

Viscera Seer- for a lil' scry. Effective midgame for using Altar's Reap or..

Altar's Reap- draw.

Grim Haruspex- for some steady draw while sac'ing creatures to keep resources in hand, and you in the game.

The sideboard is loosely put together for competitive casual play. Budget-friendly suggestions here are highly appreciated!

Bloodcrazed Paladin- Like Mortician Beetle, it acts as an alternate wincon. This however, is in case Bloodthrone Vampire gets removed before attacking/sac'ing.

Nihil Spellbomb- Graveyard removal, with the option of draw.

Gravepurge- for returning useful wincons and sac outlets/fodder to your hand. Only 2-3 creatures should be returned to your hand including a wincon.

Murderous Cut- Delve out your GY to clear a path for Bloodthrone or Paladin.

Bone Splinters- Simply more removal. Sorcery speed, this takes care of most problematic boardthreats.

Inquisition of Kozilek- Hand hate to ensure victory.

Always looking for more suggestions here, so don't hesitate to gimme a shout! Thanks in advance!

Suggestions and comments encouraged and appreciated!*



Updates Add

Out: Myr Sire
in: Butcher Ghoul

Ghoul's Undying ability makes him a nontoken creature twice. Making him more valuable to Grim Haruspex and larger than the vanilla Myr.

SB in: Nihil Spellbomb
Out: Tragic Slip

Needed some graveyard hate for flashback and other GY toolbox decks. Thanks to Grubbernaut for the suggestion!

Thanks everyone!

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