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Solve the Maze: Gameplay Variant

Commander / EDH*


A Play variant for my Racnica decks commander decks. Solve the implicit maze by reaching all 10 guild’s gate and harness the power of the Maze’s End to claim victory!

Normal commander rules apply, but with a planeschase like sub game that offers additional variation and an alternative win condition.

  1. Pay : Roll the guild dice (or d10)

  2. Add a gate of the rolled guild symbol to your Gate Zone.(Think emblems or energy counters) You can have only one of copy of each gate in your Gate Zone.

  3. Pay more for each additional dice roll in a turn. ( second roll, third roll, etc)

  4. Roll dice only at sorcery speed.

  5. If you roll your guild symbol (or number) you revel the top card from the Maze Deck and must cast that spell without paying it’s mana cost.

  6. Maze Deck cards that require you to tap gates (Guild Summit) or count the number of gates (Gates Ablaze) you use the gates in your Gate Zone.

  7. Maze Deck cards that require you to search your deck for a gate card (Gatecreeper Vines) you search your own deck.

  8. Maze deck cards go to exile If they get bounce to hand or shuffled into a players deck or after they are placed in graveyards.

  9. Assemble 10 gates with different names in your Gate Zone to harness the power of Maze End and win the game!


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