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Izzet Graveyard Budget Deck

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Over the past few days i have been crafting this Izzet graveyard based deck and already have acquired most of the cards, but could use some suggestions to make it better!

The idea is to cast Instants and Sorceries in the early stages of the game and throughout. To create card draw for myself i put in cards such as Peek, Faithless Looting and etc. Eventually when there are enough cards in the graveyard i can put out a powerful Chimera or Drake. With cards such as Reckless Charge and Runechanter's Pike, i can immediately attack with those creatures while giving them a buff.

Note that this is a casual deck i use to play against my friends so we use cards out of legal rotation. This deck is also budget and i'm trying to avoid spending more than a dollar or two on any given card so keep that in mind.

Any suggestions to make this deck better? I know there are some instants and sorceries better suited for this deck but i am not too sure what could be replaced at this point. Thank you!

(Also avoiding pure blue "Counter target spell" cards, just because..)


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I switched out Curious Homunculus for Kiln Fiend.


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