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Creature Steal Simp Deck B^)

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This is the first deck I've ever made from scratch and not with someone's leftover cards, so please be gentle with me. The deck isn't meant to be competitive but, rather, to just have a little fun playing in a playgroup full of people with creature-heavy decks.

Alright, so I've wanted to make this deck for a long time after randomly finding a copy of Soul Collector and having a laugh at the card art. The idea behind the deck is to be Soul Collector and make your opponent's creatures simp for you (steal 'em). This is ideally achieved through doing things like:

1.) Tapping your opponent's creatures with Pacification Array, Beguiler of Wills or Courtly Provocateur then using Royal Assassin to take them out (hopefully having Minion's Return/Unholy Indenture on them).

2.) Equipping Gorgon Flail to Soul Collector then forcing creatures to attack you/block it (hopefully also having Nightmare Shepherd out to get another use out of it if it dies).

3.) Shaking things up a little bit with Death Pits of Rath, killing big things with small things and then bringing my little things back with Nightmare Shepherd.

4.) Using Courtly Provocateur with Necroskitter to easily put negative counters on creatures, then using Royal Assassin to take them out and bring them back.

As I said before, this is my first deck I've made from scratch and it's the first time I've used this site, so any advice on how to make the deck better/anything I can do differently next time I post would be greatly appreciated! (Side note: I did this all on mobile, so I probably messed up a lot of formatting. Sorry!)


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Swapped out Gatekeeper of Malakir for Necroskitter to keep more in line with the creature steal theme. Gatekeeper of Malakir was already essentially a three cost, so I thought this would be a good swap. Only problem is that I'm in need of some good one or two drops to establish an early game, I think.


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