No think just trample them out or use Pyrrhic blast or wait until they concede in the face of your 42/42 trample.

Ideal hand looks like 3 lands and at least 1 card that adds additional +1/+1 counters on things (Ozolith or Kami). If you get botanical KEEP IT. Fang of Shigeki was put in as a buffer just in case. Does not like blue decks. You could sideboard some white exile to trade out board control if needed.

Set up usually looks like

Turn 1: Forest, Shigeki or Bushwhack

Turn 2: Plains, Ozolith or go w/ the flow

Turn 3: Whatever Land, Kami

Turn 4: Is where things really depend on your hand

Depending on the heart of the cards you may or may not draw into Clay Champion. It's important to note that champion needs two of the same color land (Forest or Plains) to take advantage of the ability. I prefer to run more plains than forests because it's not about a beefy champion, it's about a beefy Kami for the mana. Also on turn four you could be running Storm the Seedcore which would have a similar effect, buff your Kami please.

If you draw into botanical it's very ideal to play as many as possible after you get Kami or Ozolith out because depending on Seedcore or Champion you can stack the counters.

Let me present you with a situation

T4: On the board are Ozolith and Kami, you play clay champion with two white and two forests so it enters with three +1/+1 and can distribute one +1/+1 Give to Kami.

Kami and Ozolith procs for Champion, it now stacks w/ 5 +1/+1 counters to be a 7/7

Distro to Kami, Kami and Ozolith proc to make it 4/4.

T5: In our hand we have 2 Botanical and 1 Seedcore

Play the botanicals first and then use Kami for the Seedcore

Distribute 4 +1/+1 counters in any way you like but the ideal way would be to distribute to the creatures that haven't been buffed this turn for Botanical's affect. (Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters would be put on a creature if that is the first time this turn that creature has been buffed put one +1/+1 counter on botanical)

Since one Botanical entered after the other the first one gets a 1/1 anyway as a creature entered and then two +1/+1 counters were put on it. with all the procs that makes the first one a 5/5 and the second a 3/3

so we have a 4/4 Kami, 7/7 Clay, 5/5 Bot, 3/3 Bot

Give one to Kami, one to clay, and one to the 3/3 Bot

Kami is now a 7/7, Clay 10/10, 5/5 Bot, 6/6 Bot

The first Bot procs 2 times (Kami, Clay, Bot 2 doesn't as it just entered with counters) and the last bot procs twice as well (Kami, Clay) After everything you should now have a 10/10 bot and 9/9 bot that you can just keep adding counters to every turn by buffing kami with ozolith and they'll proc off each other as well.

The end game is either waiting for Storm the Seedcore again for the trample or Pyrrhic Blast (w/ the aid of Kami instead of a mountain) to attack directly. Use Tyvar or whatever hexproof of your choice to protect your monsters. Good luck and happy Trampling!

Notes: Use cosmic rebirth to prioritize as you so wish. Also should probably sideboard low cost Giant Growth or something similar. Why? Well it doesn't actually proc the ozolith or kami BUT you can pull off a nice one turn move to give yourself temporary mana with Kami. Drop giant's growth on Kami and suddenly you have 4 more mana than you did last turn. Voice of the Blessed is sided as well for protection from flight but you could also probs just use reach

Pros: Big beef

Cons: Blue/Black, Gotta trust in the heart of the cards

Known problems pls help: If your opponent begins countering with blue or killing with black or exiling with white, if you don't already have momentum you will lose. Cosmic rebirth helps when you have momentum and they kill or counter but nothing helps with exiling and I don't know how to fix that.

This deck should not be played against your friends.


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