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Heres the plan. you need Heartless Summoning and either Grim Haruspex or Midnight Reaper any hand with that combination of cards probably wins you the game and here is how: play a bunch of 0 - 2 mana creatures that die instantly to draw a card. play them until you find Myr Retriever use the mana from that to play Gate to the Afterlife . once that is in play, draw until you draw 2 Myr Retriever 's once you get that you can draw your entire deck. use Gate to the Afterlife to discard Lotleth Giant and God-Pharaoh's Gift . use 2 floating colorless from Myr Moonvessel to use Gate to the Afterlife to return God-Pharaoh's Gift . move to combat and reanimate Lotleth Giant with Gate to the Afterlife . when Lotleth Giant etb's you deal 30 damage to your opponent and hopefully win. thats t3. only works if u get Heartless Summoning and Grim Haruspex or Midnight Reaper . mulligan aggressively into that. never play 2 Midnight Reaper because you can't win if you do.


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