You want to be spawning scions as much as possible to use with cards like Catacomb Sifter and Smothering Abomination.They also let you easily ramp into Birthing Hulk.
Ideally you want multiple From Beyond out to help your board get big enough to do a nice full swing with Swarm Surge. Alternatively you can chip the opponent down like normal and maybe execute with Birthing Hulk+Slip Through Space.

The Making of...

My friends each made budget decks and I needed one too. Both of their decks are themed/tribal. To match this, and because I've always loved Eldrazi (see True Waste Makers), I decided that a devoid deck could be cute.

A guy at the local shop I frequent runs a weird pseudo-burn deck in black, red, and blue. To give my deck a unique identity I began looking for green and white Eldrazi....there is only one white...NEW PLAN!

Mono green....kinda boring without help from cards out of block and more importantly I didn't want to ruin the flavor. Giving up on avoiding color overlap with the guy at the shop, I looked here (Eldrazi Hoard) for inspiration. Ended upecided on a slightly different set of creatures due to personal preference and also wanted a blue splash. The blue splash was originally more significant but wound being cut down for mana fixing issues, though blue's presence may be reexamined (increased) later.

Overall pretty happy with it. I haven't bothered with a side board yet since it's meant to be casual, but I might throw one together at some point. This deck is honestly so cheap that I may end up changing it constantly until it hits that perfect desired balance of play-style/flavor. Until then, here it is.


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