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Maralen of the Twenty Dollars

Commander / EDH Budget Combo Mono-Black Multiplayer


The following is a dumb combo deck for people who hate fun.

Or at least hate having to pay $500+ to win at EDH.

The combo plays out as:

turn 1: swamp

turn 2: swamp

turn 3: swamp, Maralen of the Mornsong

turn 4: search for Lake of the Dead, play a swamp

turn 5: search for Ad Nauseam, tap a swamp for mana, play lake of the dead sacrificing the tapped swamp, tap the other three swamps, sacrifice one to lake of the dead, with eight mana in your pool play Ad Nauseam and draw your entire deck, play Dark Sphere and Elixir of Immortality, play Sickening Dreams for however much life your opponents have, sac Dark Sphere to prevent half the damage dreams deals to you, every one is dead and you survive on about five to ten life.

If they counter Sickening Dreams, activate Elixir of Immortality and do it again next turn.

Alternatively, you could hold back on turn five, play Ad Nauseam on the end of your opponent's turn, and on turn 6 play Glacial Chasm and then Sickening Dreams. This way is one turn slower but doesn't damage you so it still works if your opponent has enough life that you can't do the Dark Sphere + Sickening Dreams combo without killing yourself.

The rest of the cards are just utility if you need them, Zuran Orb helps if you can't survive Sickening Dreams, Dark Ritual helps if you have to do everything again after sacrificing your swamps, etc, etc...


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