People underestimate the power that Lord Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage has to offer. BEHOLD TRUE DISCARD POWER!

With War of the Spark, we have a plethora of handy spells to cast and NEW Planeswalkers to help us maintain as much control as possible. We have tools to help keep the board clear and with Lord Davriel, we ALSO have plenty of fun little tricks to keep your opponents hand count low as well.


Kaya's Ghostform interacts with Lord Davriel exceptionally well! Further increasing his board duration because he gets to comes back after he dies! Longer board presence means more cards to remove from their hand. Gravy.

Spark Double is another reason to run both and . Drop this, cloning Lord Davriel to further increase your opponents’ hand disruption. Or use Spark Double to target your other P-walkers. NOTE: we are running three different 3-CMC planeswalkers. Allowing a turn-3 turn-4 curve interaction to occur much MUCH more often..

Awaken the Erstwhile :Absolutely nobody plays this card. But in this deck we control our opponent’s hand. So in most cases we can pull off plays where this card will have absolutely no payoff for your opponent.


Duress and Thought Erasure for your early-game hand removal to set up before Lord Davriel hits the board. Once he does hit the board, they could potentially be down 2-3 cards.

Ritual of Soot is the signature 4- drop sweeper at our disposal. Play against Aggro decks and clear the board. 2 copies is enough said.

Cry of the Carnarium for mass token removal. Not really too impressive for a board wipe but we’ll take whatever we can get.

Tyrant's Scorn for extra removal and minor tempo disruption.

ALSO Cast Down to serve as additional removal to kill off creatures lucky enough to hit the battlefield.

FRIENDS (Aka planeswalkers):

Liliana, Dreadhorde General : because Liliana is TOO GOOD. And to be honest, I pulled two so I’m using BOTH.

Ashiok, Dream Render : Each Planeswalker is a threat and Ashiok is no exception. A single Ashiok could potentially mill an opponent up to 20 cards if left unchecked.

I am now currently testing out Narset, Parter of Veils . I must say, there is fun Interactions to be made. Additionally, running three different 3- mana cost walkers in the deck is HUGE!

As this deck has evolved, Ive made many changes for the better and I appreciate all the feedback. New suggestions always welcome!

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