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Life..Death.. Golgari!

Standard Aggro BG (Golgari) Zombie



I have been in love with the golgari spoilers, and really wanted to make a deck out of them. This deck utilizes its grave synergy without depending on it.

My favorite cards in here are Lotleth Troll + Corpsejack Menace. You can really make your troll ugly with the menace out. In topdeck mode and topdeck'd a Slitherhead? For discarding it you get 4 +1/1 counters. That s a deal for me. Also Strangleroot Geist comes back as a 4/3! For only 2 mana!

The scavenge mechanic is great, and I am looking forward to seeing how this deck pans out in the upcoming meta!

Please +1 and comment! Both are greatly appreciated.


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