Let's Begin With Control...

Modern Saint1129


Feb. 13, 2018

I sniffed around my collection one last time and pulled up a few more cards. From now on I'll have to get my cards online, and seeing as I've never ordered cards online, I would be grateful for any pointers on where to buy and not where to buy...

But enough of that! Here are the changes.

--Switched out 1 Fumigate and 1 Hallowed Burial for 2 Supreme Verdicts for more efficient board wipes. --Switched a bunch of lands (1 Blighted Cataract, 2 Sejiri Refuges, and 2 Tranquil Coves) for a bunch of other lands (1 Prairie Stream, 2 Port Towns, and 2 Glacial Fortresss). So less of my lands enter tapped. --Switched 1 Ugin's Insight, 1 Banishing Light, and 2 Jace's Ingenuitys for 1 Think Twice, 1Serum Visions, and 2 Jace Belerens. I had a few too many large draw spells, so I switched them out for a few cantrips and a draw engine Jace Beleren. I also had too many enchantment-based removals so I took out my last Banishing Light.