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This is a B/W deck using some Orzhov cards released from Gatecrash. There is the Exquisite Blood x Vizkopa Guildmage combo present here. In 10 games, I can get the combo out 5 of them. Blind Obedience and One Thousand Lashes buy time because the mana curve is pretty high. Murder is there for removal. Shadow Slice has worked out surprisingly nice with it's Cipher, but it does have a cmc of 5.

I just need suggestions to make this deck a little bit faster and would prefer it to run the Exquisite Blood engine of life gain and opponent life loss. It's pretty good in casual kitchen table Magic, but I want to make this thing FNM ready.

However, if I need to go a completely new direction with this deck but can keep it B/W, I am open to suggestions. Thanks.


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