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Bloody and Unblockable



Fast unblockable creatures with plenty of ways to pump and annoy.

This should be pretty self-explanatory, but here is how a perfect draw would go.

Turn 1: Start with an Island and a Trition Shorestalker.

Turn 2: Put a Teetering Peaks and a Trusty Machete into play. Swing for 3.

Turn 3: Put an Island into play. Put an Invisible Stalker into play, swing with Trition Shorestalker and BLOODRUSH a Rubblebelt Maaka or Skinbrand Goblin for 3 or 4 damage.

Turn 4: Let's assume the Triton Shorestalker is dead by some spell. Put an Izzet Boilerworks into play, return Teetering Peaks to your hand, equip the Invisible Stalker with the Trusty Machete and swing for 3.

Turn 5: Put a Teetering Peaks into play. Put an Ordeal of Purphoros on your Triton Shorestalker . save 2 blue to counterspell. Swing for 6.

Turn 6: Game end. Put a Teetering Peaks or a mountain into play. Use another Ordeal of Purphoros BLOODRUSH what you can and swing for at least 6. When both Ordeal of Purphoros's run out, deal an additional 6 damage.


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