MTG Combo: Blasphemous Act + Repercussion


Strike_Rouge on The Core Principles of Burn ...

8 months ago


1.) Damaging oneself in Red Burn or Aggro isn't uncommon; I think the flavor text on Manabarb does a fine job of summarizing the archtype. As for Burn sources, there's a limited pool of solid Burn spells, and the better ones are going to do that. It's a matter of going so fast that the damage to youself won't matter. Admittedly, I'm somewhat confused: you recommend not damaging myself, yet you also recommend Havoc Festival which does exactly that lol.

2.) That's generally the idea. It's also a matter of finding the ones that are worth their CMC. Hell, I'd play more 'Walkers if it weren't for the current mechanic of being able to target them down with creatures. I'm not done trying to find more permanent Burn sources, that's for sure.

3.) I was noticing this trend in the Boris deck Drunken Reaps posted. In one hand, I'd like to capitalize more off of Repercussion , but in another, I don't want to rely on one Enchantment too much. Then there's the dilemma that if a spell is being used for a creature, it's not being used for valuable damage to the face (which might not matter of a key Creature is removed). More input is welcome here.

4.) I'm not certain of how many combos I'll need. Among the current and previous drafts, these are the most common (some got dropped for various reasons):


I hadn't thought about Torment of Hailfire for a long time until Vman brought it up. How effective could it be? I usually run Exsanguinate for a XBB Burn card, but I'm open to ideas.