Favorite Cards in Each Color: C) Soldevi Sentry, W) Angelic Renewal, B) Pestilence, U) Synthetic Destiny, R) Feldon of the Third Path, G) Greater Good, M) The Mimeoplasm L) Mistveil Plains

My first commander: Prime Speaker Zegana

Favorite Tribe: Angels

Decks I like to play: UNIQUE Midrange tempo aggro, reanimator, stompy, burn, and politics. Decks with high chance for play-error and decision fatigue (hard mode is fun).

Personal deck-building philosophy:

  • Mostly instant speed removal (even for boardwipes);

  • No infinite combos;

  • Don't destroy/counter/lock mana ramp (card draw is fair game);

  • Minimize shuffling and tedious cards i.e. Cathars' Crusade, Rhystic Study, Demonic Tutor;

  • Prefer targeted group hug effects;

  • Maximize modal cards;

  • Don't play Blue and Green at the same time;

  • Niche/theme cards > staple/goodstuff cards (if they are comparable in playability in context).


Commander / EDH - Midrange, Commander / EDH - Reanimator, Commander / EDH - Angels

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Commander / EDH* ENZU

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