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I'm looking for suggestions at vaguely the same price as the cards I have, mentions of matchups that I might need to consider changes for, quirky and interesting combos I might make use of, compliments only if you would wish to give them, and general conversation. I will say, though, that most of the card choices in the deck are thoroughly decided and may not change, but I am always open to suggestions!

Voulez-vous un tentacule, madame?

Now with 20+ sources of tentacles, there are enough tentacles for everyone. Really, everyone. Where there are not enough tentacles, un-tentacled people shall be harvested for the creation of tentacles.

No tentacles were harmed in the making of this deck. People, yes, in horrible massacres of entire towns, but no tentacles.

The game plan:

-Dig, a lot. This alone makes the deck fairly scary, being able to complete a veritable Dig Through Time AND Impulse in turns 1-3, with a ready "combo piece" for the next turn.

-Ramp, and double-down. The curve of the deck allows for a mana dork to accelerate creatures by more than one turn through cost-reduction mechanics.

-Arrange one of many game plans, with either Attrition, Mass Removal, Alpha-Strike (Beatsticks), Alpha-Strike (Swarm/Overrun), Rack, Tempo, and Value Good-Stuff.

-Maintain card flow to keep a powerhouse board at most turns of the game, starting a little late but hitting extremely hard.

-Say "No." with Emerge creatures that just don't want you doing things, because that would be annoying. This deck often durdles and denies you power by bouncing and discarding for, eventually, massive unparalleled card advantage, by producing above-the-curve creatures that easily buy several turns each, and by making unpredictable moves because everything is more expendable than your opponent thinks. It either wins Lantern Control style by building up enough of a lock to begin chipping away for 2-4 turns, wins by aggro by being ahead of the curve and denying removal options, or wins instantaneously after many turns with a single unstoppable alpha-strike.


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